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Who is Delta Report?

Delta Report is an NCAA compliant scouting service.  What this means to you  is that we have been approved by the NCAA to provide information to DI college coaches.  

We are a regional scouting service that covers a strong portion of the south with a focus on Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Eastern Arkansas and the Memphis area,

To do our evaluations we host our own events; we attend regional & national tournaments and camps.  Additionally, we attend high school games and showcases.  These evaluations are entered into our database and shared with college coaches of all levels.


The Difference between Evaluations and Rankings

Often times you will hear scouting reports interchanged ranking reports.  However, there is a huge difference. To be qualified as a scouting service you have to provide an evaluation of a players' abilities that is available to the NCAA.  Also, scouting services  focus more on RATING  a player which suggest a level a player could potentially play at. (Example: DI or DII, NAIA etc).  Ranking Reports primary purpose is to list players in a spectrum where their opinion of what order they should be in.

On the other hand. many ranking reports are provided by local, regional or national programs or organizations.  No certification is required to host a ranking report.  Often times ranking reports' intended goals are promotion of a program or event awareness.


Ultimately, both reports serve a purpose, but the viewing public should have clarity when viewing one or the other.  Where scouting services are largely subscription services sold to college coaches; ranking reports are public reports. 


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